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When you work with Alexander International Realty you can expect our agents to be your resource, guiding every step of the way. You can expect a high level of service from an Alexander International Realty agent throughout your home-selling process.  The home-selling services your agent will provide you include:

Initial Consultation

  • Determining your needs and priorities
  • Previewing a marketing plan
  • Reviewing your prepared Comparative Market Analysis
  • Establish a competitive pricing strategy

Listing Your Home For Sale

  • Discuss home enhancement recommendations
  • Discuss your property’s marketing plan


One real estate agent can represent many potential buyers; therefore, it is important to market your home to other agents as well as the general buying public in order to improve the timeliness of selling your home.

Agent to Agent Advertising

Real Estate agents are able to show potential buyers all of the homes available on the multiple listing service (MLS). By listing your home with Alexander International Realty, not only will your home be well-represented on the MLS, you will also gain the additional advantages of:

  • Placement on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Research of property information: zoning, taxes, flood plain, etc.
  • A lock box on your property to allow other agents to show your home
  • Placement of Alexander International Realty Properties yard sign at your property
  • Scheduling an office tour for other Alexander International Realty Properties agents’ to view your property
  • Internal agent to agent communication systems that employs pagers, cell phones, state of the art direct-dial phone/messaging system, Intranet website that instantly informs agents about your listing
  • Email marketing that enables your agent to send e-cards notifying other real estate agents about your property being listed

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